We have been building cars for rallycross and rallying for over 20 years. We have just recently invested into bringing our existing factory and equipment up to the highest possible standards. We are also expanding the factory to be able to work on up to 15 cars in different stages of preparation at one time. 

Currently we have a dedicated bodyshop with all of the necessary equipment for producing body shells and rollcages that comply with the highest of standards set out by the FIA. Here we do all of the metal work on the car. From striping the body shell to designing and building crossmembers and suspension pickup points to your exact requirements. When doing a rolling shell we are able to fabricate almost all parts needed in house. 

To add to this we also have dedicated rooms for producing composite body panels. We are able to design and fabricate a body kit to your specific requirements in different materials ranging from fiber glass to kevlar and carbon fiber. We also have a range of moulds ready for models from the past and present, including some of the WRCs greatest. 

We also have the capacity to build you the engine and drive train setup that you prefer. We are in the process of bringing our engine and drive train department up to par as well. As of now we are already able to put together an engine for you. We have the most experience with the Ford Duratec, but we also do a 1.6 Zetec for our Super1600 rallycross program and we are not afraid of a challenge so we will be able to build you anything you like. 

Finally we have rooms to put it all together and deliver a car that is ready to race. We are able to do anything from making a custom rollcage to painting the car. 2017 marked an important anniversary for us with the completion of our 100th car, an Audi S1 Proto rallycar. 

We urge you to get in contact, and if possible, come over and have a look at our factory!

Contact us at:


+3725175189 Valdur (estonian, russian, finnish)

+37253634988 Robert (estonian, english)