We build cars for Proto rallying from any model and any mark. So far we have built Ford Fiestas and an Audi S1. All of our cars have proved to be very competetive against R5 and even WRC specification cars. Egon Kaur and Priit Koik of Kaur Motorsport have shown impressive pace driving cars built by us in the Estonian Rally Championship for the past two seasons. Our cars are known for their handling and road holding capabilities making them perfect for the gentleman driver looking to some rallying or for the youngster steping up from a 2WD category. 

All of the cars from us share a similar setup in terms of suspension (crossmembers, uprights, swingarms, general geometry and working principle). The Ford Fiestas of Kaur Motorsport use Spectrum dampers, where as the Ford Fiesta of Roland Murakas and the Audi S1 of Margus Murakas have Reiger dampers. Kaur Motorsport decided to use Mitsubishi Evo engines, Margus Murakas on the other hand went with using an Audi engine in his Audi S1. 

We are able to manufacture a car to your specific requirements, any engine/drivetrain combination will be possible, as we make a custom bodyshell for each car. We build an FIA specification rollcage and supply all of the documentation necessary to prove its eligibility. The structure of the original bodyshell of the car is not compromised i.e. we do not use the body from one car and the floor from another as this would severely compromise the safety of the occupants in the case of an accident. 

From the bodyshell to the engine, we are able to provide you with a complete package and through our technical partnership with Kaur Motorsport we are able to produce a race ready car, compatible with all safety regulations from the FIA, from any model of any make, with an engine and drivetrain package of your choice. 

We produce composite body panels inhouse at our facilities in Elva, Estonia for many different models. If we do not have a bodykit available for your model of choice, we will be able to produce one for you. Thins includes things like kevlar wheel liners, carbon fiber door panels and  a rear spoiler. An example of a completely custom bodykit designed and manufactured by us is the Audi S1 of Margus Murakas.